About Qtopia

Qtopia is the first metaverse by and for the LGBTQ community!

The Qtopia metaverse aims to provide an inclusive virtual space for the LGBTQ+ community, friends and allies to connect, while giving back to LGBTQ+ causes. Qtopia is being created with an emphasis on equality, diversity and sustainability.

What you can do in Qtopia

Qtopia is a virtual community space where members can interact and express themselves like never before.

Qtopia provides a sense of belonging and a way to celebrate the LGBTQ+ community’s unique history, diversity and culture.

In the world, you can join causes in special locations to support initiatives that are meaningful to members of the community.

How you can contribute 

Upload content relevant to the cause for everyone to see, create your own community and build awareness to better implement real-life actions.

In Qtopia, geographic location is not a barrier. Members can come together from all over the world!

  • Choose and customize your avatar, pets, outfits, land, properties and collectibles that best suit your individual style
  • Get together with friends
  • Make new connections
  • Interact with celebrities, businesses and causes to have access to exclusive content and learn more about the latest product launches and NFT’s.
  • Attend live events with friends: pride parades, concerts, film festivals, expos, dance parties, environmental initiatives, art festivals and more. 

In Qtopia, there’s something for everyone. You can let your imagination run wild as the possibilities are endless!

It’s all about community building and connections

Qtopia presents countless opportunities for both individuals and businesses alike. 

The metaverse allows for an enhanced experience for people to connect with one another and the brands they trust. In Qtopia, users can participate in activities, events and mini games while also giving back to charities that are meaningful for the community.

Own a piece of Qtopia

  • As a member of the community, you can customize and buy Land, a House or a Flat as a way to express yourself with your vision in mind and participate in Qtopia.
  • As a charitable organization or non-profit, you can raise awareness on your initiatives and facilitate potential donations.
  • As a company, you can buy Land, Property or Stores to showcase or provide virtual experiences
  • As a supporter of a cause, you can join a community, assist in increasing their awareness, join their online initiatives, contribute time or donate.
  • As a celebrity/influencer, you can buy Land, a house or a Flat to interact with fans, host meet and greets and more

Transparency thanks to Blockchain

Using blockchain technology, Qtopia allows for transparency of all transactions that occur in the metaverse through a virtual ledger. This includes the purchase of NFT’s (Non-fungible tokens) such as land, collectibles, outfits for customizable avatars, digital art and other limited edition virtual goods. 

Users will have the opportunity to make NFT purchases using cryptocurrencies and an in-world currency called UniQoin, which will grant the community access to its own unique cryptocurrency, focused on supporting LGBTQ-friendly businesses both online and offline.  

More and more people are getting in early to be a part of the metaverse as it is an exciting new way for people to come together. Take advantage of all the metaverse has to offer and be a part of the future!

Our map and districts

  • Qtopia is made up of four different Islands: Qtopia City, Sapphire Island, Isla De Fuego, and Celebration Island.
  • Within these 4 Islands, Qtopia has a total of 44 districts with names that are significant to the LGBTQ community.
  • There are 117,264 total parcels of Land in Qtopia.
  • Plots of Land come in various sizes, you can combine them to form bigger parcels

Stay informed of upcoming announcements, pre-sales and updates about Qtopia!

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